About Us

Our Mission Statement.

" Solutions driven by our customers which will grow with the development of their business. A total Voice and Data solutions platform based on the highest level of Consultancy, utilising quality products and implemented by superior technical competence. Maximising customer benefits with training, ongoing support and maintenance. Utilising the latest technology, developed for reliability, performance, expandability and growth"  Linda Demetriou - Managing Director



Demco Communications started business in 1992, primarily as a Telephone System provider and has since expanded and grown to offer a full service package, complete with professional services




From the outset, it was the objection of the company to provide a viable solution to its customers, based on quality products and services, keeping within a reasonable, realistic and competitive pricing structure.


After careful research and evaluation of various products and suppliers to the voice industry, Demco chose the Unify (Siemens) and LG-Ericsson portfolio of VoIP and Telephone Systems.


From its early days Demco strived to instil ever-increasing confidence in its customers; an example of this was Demco becoming one of the youngest companies to obtain BSI registration within a year of start-up (May 1993).


Customers have realized and benefited from the quality of the products designed, engineered and manufactured both by Unify ( Siemens) and LG Ericsson.



The diversification of Demco into data timed with the recent convergence of the Telecommunications and Data Industries has placed Demco in a strong position to provide its customers with a total solution to their I.T. requirement.


Linda was introduced to the Telecommunications Industry during the growth and development of business and technology.

During the subsequent years, she accumulated a wealth of knowledge relating to business and technology manufacturers and their requisite products. This knowledge combined with increased consumer demand became the foundation of Demco Communications Ltd in 1992.

From the outset, Demco’s objective has been to provide a viable  solution to its customers through a combination of provision of excellent quality products and services whilst balancing a reasonable yet competitive pricing structure.