Demco offers all Dental Practices a wide range of unique services that helps provide excellent patient communication.


We will ensure that your practice does not lose out on business. From just £100 a month, your practice can benefit in many ways.


Our intelligent and versatile dentists telephone system will eliminate the engaged tone; run reports to enable you to identify how many calls your dental practice is losing which is also potential lost revenue for your dental practice; confirm how long dental patients are waiting to get through and alert your practice manager if a patient has been waiting for an unreasonable length of time; greet patients personally when you answer - reducing time on the phone and building that all important patient/practice relationship.


Reduce queue congestion around the dental reception front desk with a self check-in screen.

Patient Point allows your patients to check themselves in and therefore reduces congestion at reception which in turn allows staff to answer the telephone


See your dental practice's request for teeth whitening, Invisalign or any other treatments you have on offer increase by up to 60% with the perfect marketing tool on offer to dentists –




Ask yourself a question:

How many calls does your dental practice fail to answer every day?

Ask another: can you afford to miss them when on average each patient is worth around £350 to the practice?


One of the most likely reasons that a patient will look for dental treatment elsewhere is because they cannot book an appointment. This is most likely to occur when the practice experiences a high volume of calls – the patient is left with no idea of how long they will have to hold the line.


On the basis that each patient is worth roughly £350, you can assume that lost revenue per day could total:


  • 2 missed calls = £700

  • 5 missed calls = £1,750

  • 10 missed calls = £3,500

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