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Introducing Patient Connect Contact Manager


Patient Connect enhances communications with patients by providing an improved and more personal service, combining modern electronic methods (e.g. SMS) with more traditional voice calls. It also incorporates a Contact Management front end to EMIS patient information providing a dashboard for inbound/outbound communication with the facility to note brief details of the contact.


Patient Connect is not just for communicating with patients; contact information for companies and other individuals/agencies that have dealings with the Practice can be stored in the system providing the same enhanced communication benefits.


Increase Efficiency

Boosts the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of admin resource.


Save Time

Caller preview saves 20 secs on every call. Also click to dial from the PC


Reduce Costs

Reduce DNA’s, Improve QoF performance & boost revenues.


Regulatory Compliance

Establish patient identity, improve staff training and audit trail of communication.






EMIS PCS, LV and Web are fully integrated & intuitive GP clinical systems. EMIS is used by general practices throughout the UK, helping streamline practice efficiency.

Download Patient Connect PDF