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Too many practices try to run a 21st century practice with an outdated phone system. Since the telephone is the lifeline to the outside world, having the right number of phone lines is important. Busy signals make patients go elsewhere

Strengthening the bond between Practice and Patient.....

Demco Communications has for a number of years taken great care to fully understand and apply precise advise and solutions to Vets, Dentists and GPs.


We would like to show you how to improve the overall experience of dealing with your practice. Saving you money, and giving you more control of your business.


We will provide Solutions, Consultation and products for your Telephony and IT requirements. Through communicating and working with individual Software Providers within these Sectors, such as Emis, Software of Excellence, Jupiter, just to name a few, we are in a unique position to enhance our solutions, which are totally individual to each Practice.


We have carried out our own Survey and the following are found to be common with all 3 sectors


•89.6% of all Appointments are made by the Telephone


•91.8% of Emergency Cases, first use the Telephone


•92.3% of follow ups from the Practice are made by the Telephone


•Probably this make the Telephone the doorway to your turnover and Profit!!



Our Aims:

  • Improve patient accessLower or eradicate patient complaints about the access via telephoneImprove patient satisfaction

  • Reduce the time spent dealing with telephone enquiries

  • Free up staff for other duties

  • Safeguard your practice against possible complaint or litigation

  • Improve staff productivity



The uniqueness of our solutions has led us to be the main Founder of Careline 4Vets






Leading service providers across the veterinary sector have joined together under the umbrella of Careline4Vets Limited to combine their resources and provide veterinary professionals with an array of high calibre services. 


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