Telephone lines and Call Charges


ISDN30e, ISDN 2e, Analogue Lines and SIP


Our reputation is based on delivering reliability, value and above all service, to businesses both large and small. So in addition to planning and implementing voice and data networks, we can now also offer you the opportunity to maximise the benefits of your communication systems with a full range of ‘best cost’ routing services.


We can save you money on your calls & Line Rental from day one.


  • Discounted call and line rates

  • Free online billing to help you monitor your call spend.

  • Non-Geographical Telephone Numbers.

  • High speed business broadband.

  • UK based support centre.

  • BT Openreach will continue to maintain your phone line


Demco Network Services offer call carriage for reliable, high quality calls and lines coupled with exceptional levels of service and call costs.


Line Rentals


Demco Network Services are now working closely with BT, so you can enjoy the stability of the UK's best Network whilst also benefiting from our competitive rates.

With a BT WLR3 interface, we provide a seamless service when transferring lines from BT and other service providers. We can also order additional lines and services for you, appoint BT engineers for site visits, and liaise directly with BT on your behalf in the unlikely event that you suffer any line related fault.


The Latest Call Tariff


With our unique calculator, we can quickly and accurately provide you with a detailed cost comparison proposal. If you would like more information on call costs, or would like to find our how our network services division could benefit you, please contact us, for an unbiased discussion and proposal


SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)


SIP numbers enable users to communicate in sessions – with voice or video – over the internet protocol (IP). SIP offers a variety of other functions including video conferencing and instant messaging. This can reduce costs when used with others that have a similar set up. For more information please contact us.


We work very closely with our partner Voiceflex, and have direct access to their Online Portal, for Placing Orders, instant access to all your Telephone numbers and features, and Online control of your calls.



We provide a full range of maintenance care options, matching those provided by BT Retail. Any faults are investigated and resolved on our behalf by BT Openreach

Network Services

Network Performance Reports.

We obtain Raw Call Data information directly from Openreach and we provide this data into simple but extremely effective Reports and Charts

  • When do your clients call you and busiest time of the Day

  • How long are your clients waiting to be answered

  • How many calls are you loosing (abandoned), and a list of numbers to call them back

  • Do you have sufficient lines to handle your Incoming callers

  • How many calls receive an engage tone, and a list of Numbers to call them back

  • How many outgoing calls to you make and when

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